Choosing Slim is not just another fad diet or exercise program. It’s the real deal – a program that focuses on changing your outlook and lifestyle so you can leave your extra inches and emotional baggage behind.

If you’ve worked on losing weight for any amount of time, you’ve probably realized some things about yourself. Maybe you despise exercise or hate the gym. Maybe you have poor eating habits which go even further downhill when you’re stressed or tired. Maybe you’re unsatistfied with your body shape or are shooting for a body that only exists thanks to advanced photo editing.

At Choosing Slim, we know that healthy eating habits and physical exertion are necessary to changing your body size, but we partner it with a unique form of energy and meditation that we refer to as “positive energy”. And when you couple these together you get successful weight loss, that comes off and stays off.

How does positive energy work?

Good question. Think back to your science class days. Probably somewhere in your scientific background you remember talking about frequencies and probably even saw it demonstrated when your teacher struck a tuning fork and then showed how one vibrating fork set another one to humming just by holding them near each other.


If you struck two forks at the same time and brought them together, you’d see both forks vibrate violently. Both trying to get the other to resonate at the same frequency as itself.  Discord between the two forks is the same as our desire and efforts to lose weight resonating at a different frequency than our body is capable of losing it. There’s a whole lot of effort but not a lot of result. Even that discord can pile up in our emotional bank accounts and be a deterent against future weight loss efforts.

When you sign up for Choosing Slim, you’re added to the SRC Qi Gong frequencies program list. We let you know what areas the program is targeting and then you work to keep those areas at the top of your mental list by focusing on the daily affirmations that come in the Choosing Slim emails or on the Facebook group. The program boosts your efforts by lending you those years of master practice and that helps your body operate at an optimal level to loose weight. Paired with your focus on increasing physical exertion and your eating habits, your body will be in it’s perfect place to lose the weight.

So who’s ready to get started?


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