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I don’t have to eat less because I choose to eat right.

You’ve probably tried other diets. Counted calories. Cut carbs or swore off sugar. You ate less, thinking that would help you be “less”. Because less is more right?  The world tells us that if we cut back, eat less, we’ll weigh less. Maybe so, but that’s not the only way, and definitely not the best way, to drop pounds and shed those unwanted inches around your waist. Eating right – reasonable portions, lots of fruits, veggies, and whole grains and cutting back on preservatives, starches, and sugars – is going to get you the results you want. And it’s a lot easier than restricting yourself to a low caloric intake, or not eating some of the foods you love. By eating right, you’ll fuel your body, feel great, and look great.

So why should you choose to eat right? There are lots of reasons.

You may want to feel better. You may want to start showing appreciation for the body you have. You may want your family and friends to know that you love and care about them and that you love and care about yourself as well. You deserve it- all of it. You make good choices when it comes to eating, because you know that eating right is sustainable and will build the foundation for the healthy body you want and deserve.

So today, join with us in the Choosing Slim Community and decide here and now, that fad diets and calorie counting are a thing of the past. Because you really don’t have to eat less – you just have to eat right.