CS-fist-pump-girlWe’re excited about the success of our clients and think that announcements of inches lost and baggage left behind deserve a whole-hearted fist pump! And fist pumps – well, they’re quite common around here. We know you’ll find success here, just like our other Choosing Slim participants.

But you don’t have to take our word for it.

We’ll let them speak for themselves.








Only seven weeks into the program and have released 12 1/2″ and seeing much more muscle definition in my arms and legs. Thanks Jolene for all you have done!!
Terra, Choosing Slim participant
“I’ve been participating in the Inaugural launch group of Choose Slim for Life with Victory Energy Wellness. What our group has released in weight is insignificant by comparison to the weightier matters which are being released. It’s really evident that our thoughts/emotions/feelings will cause things to get stuck! And those will show up in our bodies and lives in every way imaginable. Do you have weighty matters you want to release? I highly recommend giving the girls – Jolene Victor, Sharyn Jordan , Opal Venell, a call and schedule a tour. Find out from them which health modality will best suit your purposes. I’ve worked with Jolene and I call her a Miracle Worker.”
Barbara, Choosing Slim participant
“I have worked on my emotional health for many years. I have received healing by levels and layers. My body hasn’t caught up, as there have been “things” I have been hanging on to. As a member of Choosing Slim, I have had more opportunities to grow and heal. For a few years now, I have seen in my minds eye, myself running in the mountains. Running because it brings me peace and balance in my life. I have NEVER been athletic, as a matter of fact, I have quite strongly resisted it. I realized yesterday, that time for my running is no longer in the future. The time for me to run for peace and balance is now. I know overcoming the physical challenge will be a huge breakthrough for me and I am ready to begin this path. I attribute this progress to the energy work Jolene has been doing for all of us. I am very happy to be a part of this group! Thank you, Jolene for your intuition and your skill.”
Sherri, Choosing Slim participant
What an amazing experience I have had being part of the Choosing Slim group!  I have felt supported in so many ways. Jolene’s ability to put you at ease with her caring personality and then use her powerful intuition to get to the real issue is masterful. Jolene’s skill at combining such techniques as Simply Healed, Emotion and Body code, SRC, Quantum Biofeedback and powerful group sessions, helped me not only release weight but also make break throughs in emotional blocks that I have had for years. If you are looking for a program that will give you support physically, emotionally, spiritually and environmentally, I recommend you check out Choosing Slim and Victory Energy Wellness Center. You will not find another weight release program like this one!
Paula, Choosing Slim participant