A healthy lifestyle. You could easily think that this goal is something you work towards, achieve, check off your list and move on. Wrong. Healthy lifestyles take maintenance. It really is more of an ongoing process rather than a check-list item. Everyone has changes or improvements they can make. Sometimes we don’t even realize that our choices are hindering our progress.

Today we’re focusing on detoxing our lives – to create the lifestyle we want. One way to bolster positive energy and improve our size is by eliminating things that work against us, like a cluttered closet.  How many of you have a closet full of clothes you don’t wear? And how many of you have feelings of guilt or frustration that there’s nothing to wear, even though your closet is full? That”s what we thought. Today we’re going to clean out those closets, let go of those unwanted emotions, and allow ourselves to live in the present, while setting goals that will help us look to the future.

Positive energy and goals that help us move toward successful future outcomes is how we make change.



Let It Go.

It’s time. Those clothes you’ve been hanging on to and thinking “maybe someday” – just donate them or throw them out. If you’re thinking you won’t have to spend so much money once you lose the weight – go ahead and sell them to a consignment shop. You’ll get money right now, that you can spend on clothing that fits well and makes you look great. Besides, wouldn’t it be a lot more fun to go out and buy some new things to celebrate that you shed those pounds and dropped a size?  We think so.

Sure, you might have some extra space in your closet once you toss them. Good! You’re practicing “slimming down” already, and that can only mean that positive energy and slimming vibes are headed your way. At the very least, you won’t have to see those clothes and think another negative thought. It doesn’t matter if you’re not the right size  – all the clothes you have fit you now.

There are going to be some things you’ll want to hang onto. Maybe you’ve got a sentimental attachment – like you wore it to your wedding. By all means, if it reminds you of something happy then go for it. Keep it up front and use it as a reminder that you’re looking towards the future and there are more great moments to come. You’ll be inspired to work towards a healthy lifestyle so that you can enjoy those moments more!


How to Decide if it Stays or Goes.

Decluttering can actually cause more stress and negative feelings if you don’t go about it in a positive and decisive way. As you sort, come up with a few options of what you’ll do with the things you pull out of your closet (and take the positive spin for each). For example:

  • Hang it up – and start planning when and what you’ll wear it with!
  • Toss it – it’s no use to anyone and it’s just taking up space.
  • Donate it – someone else could benefit from it.
  • Sell it to consignment – truthfully, it’s not working for you right now, but some cash might help you find a few pieces that work now or it can be saved for later!

Now that you know your options, lets figure out how to be more decisive and less contemplative when it comes to each item.  Have you ever started a cleaning project only to find yourself buried in “stuff” 30 minutes later and you’ve only verified that “yes, you have a lot of stuff” and “yes, you obviously aren’t so great at making decisions.” When you take out each item, ask yourself specific questions and only allow yourself to answer “yes” or “no”.

  • Does it fit and look great?
  • Is it need mending or is it stained?
  • Can you fix it now and do you actually want to?
  • Were you saving this for sentimental reasons (perhaps you wore it at your wedding)?
  • Could you return it and get your money back?
  • Was it expensive?
  • Is it seasonal and it should have been stored away with other things?
  • Have you worn it in the past 6 months?

By answering “yes” or “no” to these types of questions you’ll easily be able to decide what to do with each item and you’ll be keeping any additional “but” and “if” statements at bay.

Once you’ve gotten your things sorted, make sure you donate, toss, or sell them right away. Don’t let them stay stacked in a corner – it’s not worth it!

Set a Positive Goal

Now what? Goals. There is a huge difference between positive goals and just plain old goals. Positive goals are manageable, can be done without superhuman strength or effort, and allow you to celebrate throughout the process instead of just at the end.

A goal is “when I lose the weight I’ll go shopping and buy a whole new closet full of clothes.”

Is this really a positive goal?

Not sure. How much weight do you have to lose? When do you have to lose it buy? Can you really afford a whole new closet of things at once? Are you allowed to celebrate along the way?

A positive goal   is a lot more specific.

” I’m shooting to lose 10 pounds by the end  of next month. When that happens, I’ll buy myself a new item or two and enjoy wearing them while I work to drop another size.”

You can see that the first option was a great goal, but it didn’t fill you with positive energy. A sense of dread about the task at hand, rather than an excitement to get going, was definitely present. The second option made a better positive impact – it’s doable, within a short time frame and you can enjoy your success as you work towards the next milestone.

So make positive energy abound. Detox your closet or dresser and join all of us at Choosing Slim as we work towards our next success and a future filled with positive energy and healthy living!