What have you got to lose but ugly, old emotions and inches?

Imagine a cell phone with a million apps running, bad connections, poor battery life, and multiple users that treat it badly. You don’t need a new cell phone, you just a need a re-boot. Quick solution? Slim down the apps to what is really used, install a new battery, update the firewall, add a protector to the outside and train the users to treat it better.CS-cell-phone

You are that cell phone. Choosing Slim is the re-boot. Energy is all around us, good and bad. It sometimes gets stuck or warbled and needs to be adjusted, released or reconnected. Choosing Slim uses the latest in SRC Qi Gong frequencies to update the energy in us and around us.

The results are detox, feeling better, improved mood, better relationships and INCHES LOST! Yep, you read it right.  When the energy is good, we release fat cells.  Bingo! Your efforts to stay away from the chocolate cake and chips are strengthened, your disinclination to visit the gym is altered. Your steps to better health are amplified and it shows in your pant size.

All you have to do is sign up, then be aware of how your body is feeling. We’ll tell you which areas we are working on daily, watch to see how those feelings or body parts are feeling.

Follow your feelings and see where it takes you.