We’ve all heard the saying “it takes a village to raise a child”. And whether we’re raising children or aspiring to achieve some other monumental life task, we can all probably agree that it’s easier to share our struggle with others rather than deal with it all on our own.

Energy is all around us, both good and bad. With Choosing Slim we help you focus on releasing the negative and boosting the positive. We want you to learn to love your body and your life, let go of your inhibitions about your body type and the reasons for your poor eating and exercising habits, and recognize that positive thoughts help us foster new habits and a better lifestyle.

There are several aspects to the Choosing Slim program, but one of our favorites is that you join a virtual village who is interested in the same thing you are – losing emotional baggage and inches from your waistline.These are individuals who are ready to make life changes rather than just go hardcore on the next super diet in hopes that this time around it will stick.

With the Choosing Slim Facebook group you’ll be able to interact as you’d like as well as receive daily affirmations (that boosts positive energy we talked about earlier) as well as encouragement from others who are wanting to change, just like you. So, welcome friend – now lets get moving toward the life and waistline you’ve always wanted.