At Choosing Slim For Life we believe that positive thinking can make all the difference in achieving our goals. Think for a minute – is there anyone you can think of, that succeeded by believing they couldn’t?  Here, and in our Facebook Community you’ll find positive thinking abounds.  And with it, success. So start the week right – think positive!


I am grateful for my body.

No matter what size you are. No matter how you look. No matter what part of your physique or area of your life you’re disliking right now – you have a body. That body has seen you through a lot. Sure, it may not look the way you want it too. Maybe you don’t feel as good as you think you should. Maybe it’s let you down a few times lately. Together you’ve taken on the world. And win or lose, it’s been there through it all, just like an old friend. So send a little positive thinking that way, like you’d send a thank you note to a dear friend. Thank it for letting you get up every morning. For supporting you as you climb physical and emotional mountains. And believe that your body will see you through many years to come and many more successes.