Are you ready? Choosing Slim programs require a minimum of 3 months for best results.


What’s in a plan?

You can make a lot of changes in 90 days. How much? Let’s find out.

Commit yourself to change with one of our Slim programs or if you’re a Choosing Slim alum, continue on your path to healthy living with one of our monthly maintenance plans.

The choice is yours. Are you ready to see how much change we can invoke in the next 3 months?

Basically Slim

Includes all programs on the SRC (exercise, fat burning, and all our successful weight reduction protocols) as well as group energy work sent virtually to the entire group a minimum of 3 times a week.  You will also be included in the monthly group sessions in person or via dedication if you do not live locally.

$150 / month


Seriously Slim

Includes all programs on the SRC from Basically Slim and monthly group sessions in person or via dedication if you do not live locally. Two Deluxe Personal 30 minute Sessions (valued at $75 each) These sessions are custom tailored for you, addressing whatever you are ready to release at that particular time in your program, helping you move forward in a positive manner. An example may be addictions or certain personal traumas, energies specific to you, etc.

$250 / month (Valued at $400)


Ultimately Slim

Includes everything from the Basically Slim and Seriously Slim Programs and a personal one on one Intuitive Plus Biofeedback 90 Minute Session each month.

$450 / month (Valued at $700)


Maintenance Fat Burning Programs

Slim Maintenance

Available each month for anyone who has completed a 3 month Choosing Slim Program.  Includes all programs on the SRC (exercise and all our successful weight reduction protocols) and inclusion in the monthly groups sessions.

$100 / month


Slim Maintenance Plus

 Everything from the Slim Maintenance plan plus One Deluxe Personal 20 minute Tune-Up.

$140 / month


Exercise Local

Come exercise with us for 10 minutes!  Get a full 30 minute workout in just 10 minutes. Come today, come every day, come twice a day. Available for anyone who is enrolled in any of the Choosing Slim Programs or Maintenance Plans, and lives locally (East Valley: Phoenix Metropolitan area). We are extending unlimited monthly use  of the K-1 Vibrational Platform & Quantum Pulse. Just imagine, you can get a 30 minute work out in 10 minutes on the K1 and enhance your cellular vitality and detox daily with the Quantum Pulse. Appointments to utilize these services are recommended.  However, walk-ins for this service will be welcomed on a first come, first served basis so long as there is availability and no one with an appointment waiting.

$50 / month



 * Please note: Choosing Slim For Life participants are not required to stay at their initial plan level. Upgrades are available at anytime each month. No pro-rating will apply. Downgrades are available at the end of each month.