SRC Qi Gong frequencies are at the base of every Choosing Slim program.

Qi Gong is an Asian art form that uses meditation and relaxation to improve our physical health. “Qi” means breath of life or vital energy of the body. “Gong” means the self-discipline of working, clutivating and balancing Qi.  This practice works to develop a sense of energy in one’s body and then uses the mind to guide this energy to improve health. People study Qi Gong for years and only becomes masters of the technique after a lifetime of practice.

The SRC (Spiritual Real-time Correction) was developed by a Grand Master in Qi Gong.  It’s a software program that was created to merge Qi Gong with the 21st century. It combines a diverse collection of relaxation, stress reduction and exercise programs together and allows individuals to accelerate their learning curve – tapping into the skill level you’d achieve if you’d put in that lifetime of practice, now.

With the Choosing Slim program, you’ll get those master level benefits while you learn to guide and utilize your positive energy. You can start your journey to a healthier you today!


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