At Choosing Slim For Life we believe that positive thinking can make all the difference in achieving our goals. Think for a minute – is there anyone you can think of, that succeeded by believing they couldn’t?  Here, and in our Facebook Community you’ll find positive thinking abounds.  And with it, success. So start the week right – think positive!



Everyone has experienced defeat. Everyone knows what it feels like to fail and then go through the process of deciding to try again or to throw in the towel. These feelings frustrate us and keep us from becoming the person that we want to become.

Today we show those feelings to the door. Today we remember that no matter what life throws at us, we are capable. We can overcome. And we can be filled with positive feelings while we battle the struggles that lie ahead.

Take a few moments and make a list, either mentally or physically, about the life skills and talents you possess. Maybe you’re a good listener. Maybe you’ve got outstanding work ethic. Maybe you’re a dreamer with big ideas and you want to turn them into reality. No matter what – there is something that you’re good at. And that skill can help you overcome your weight loss struggles. The more time we spend thinking of positive attributes and how we might apply them to our lives, the more time we spend being positive. Positivity can grow exponentially, and that’s what we strive for here at Choosing Slim because it means we can release the unwanted inches and obtain the life we want and deserve.

You are greater than your circumstances. You can overcome the obstacles that stand in your way. You’re a positive person who looks for workable solutions.

Now lets get moving and take on the world!