You’ve  most likely heard the phrase “there is strength in numbers”.  And here at Choosing Slim, we believe that’s true; but we also like to add “that where there is strength, there is positive energy.”

Positive energy is the key to the Choosing Slim weight loss plan. And when we surround ourselves with positive energy we’ve found that our own positive energy (and our efforts to drop those unwanted inches and emotional baggage) increases by leaps and bounds. With any of our Choosing Slim packages you’ll be able to participate in our Choosing Slim Facebook community, but you’ll also get a chance to physically meet with others in the program once a month during our Live Group Session.

What exactly is a Live Group Session?

We’re glad you asked. Our Live Group Sessions are designed to put you at ease and help you along your weight loss journey. We’ll gather in a casual setting and visit about the experiences (both good and bad) we’re having as we work on creating that healthy lifestyle we’ve always imagined. You won’t have to worry about being put on the spot – we encourage open communication and privacy – and want everyone to participate in a way that’s most comfortable for them.  Then we focus our energies and the SRC Qi Gong frequencies on the areas we are struggling with.

Many of our participants create lasting friendships that continue far beyond the length of the Choosing Slim program. And we find that these types of relationships help when it comes to staying committed to our healthy choices and staying focused on creating an atmosphere filled with positive energy.


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