Ever feel stressed? If you’re like most of us, stress is something that’s all too common in your life.  And for many, poor food choices and low levels of physical exertion abound when stress is high. Even though we know good food and exercise will help us feel better, we still revert to our bad habits. Making this change is harder than it looks, especially when we’ve tried and failed before. So who wouldn’t want help when it comes to retraining our bodies to make healthy choices and how to handle stress without binging on junk food?

What is Biofeedback?

Biofeedback provides you a way to learn to control your body’s functions. During a biofeedback session, you’re connected to electrical sensors that monitor your body’s functions (i.e. heart rate, temperature, electrical impulses, etc.). These sensors provide information about your body so that you can focus on making subtle changes, such as relaxing certain muscles to achieve the results you want. Essentially, with Biofeedback you can learn to use your thoughts to control your body.  The Mayo Clinic has some additional reading you can do on this great technique.

How does it help with weight loss?

Choosing Slim uses Biofeedback to help train you to focus your energies and your body to promote positive energy and weight loss. It’s personalized just to you – your body, your energy, your list of things to work on to improve your overall health. So lets get started on the road to that free and healthy lifestyle you’ve dreamed of – pick your Choosing Slim plan and get ready to watch the inches and pounds vanish!