You may think yoga is only for those who carry a mat on a brisk walk to the local yoga studio or for the retired folk that meet in the shady spot in the park on Thursday afternoons. However, plenty of people are getting into this fabulous form of exercise because of the great benefits it can provide – greater flexibility, increased fat burning, and a sure-fire stress reliever. You may still think that it’s not for you – but you don’t have to be a total “yogi” to get the benefits.

Stretching may feel like it’s not a workout, but you don’t have to break a sweat to benefit. Slow and focused stretching helps elongate and build muscle tone (helps you look long and lean), increases flexibility (a little physical exertion won’t seem like such a chore anymore), and most importantly, helps you reduce stress (now who doesn’t love that?).

As you go through the moves, make sure to breathe in and out, push only as far as the stretch feels “comfortable” or “good” (pushing too hard will only injure your muscles), and forget about the pressures that surround you. Pick and choose a few or work through all the stretches below, for a quick 10 minute break that will get you revitalized and back to your desk in no time!

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