Life is busy. There are things to do and places to go. Odds are, if you have a few pounds (or maybe more) that you’d like to lose, you’re not an avid gym goer. And that’s ok. Not everyone has to be in love with hitting the gym. Sore muscles, and sweaty skin doesn’t appeal to everyone – but it does help us tone and tighten our bodies and decrease the amount of fat we hold.

Here are 3 ways you can incorporate a little bit more physical exertion into your daily routine – no gym needed.


1. Make your grocery hauling a workout.

You’re already going to the store. So instead of circling until you find that coveted close parking spot, park further out. Pick up your cart from one of the cart corrals and push it into the store and pick up your pace.  If you’re really wanting to go the extra mile, carry your grocery bags from the car to the house one at a time. More trips, more steps!


2. Squat while brushing your teeth.

Two times a day, for two minutes. You’re already brushing, now you’re just gently bending your knees and moving into and out of a sitting position. Ease into it at first, and then work to increase how deep you sit into your squat over time. You’ll have  great hygiene and a firmer buns and thighs.


3. Improve your posture.

Unless you’ve recently gone through princess training your posture could probably be improved. Every time you look in the mirror or a few times a day while you’re behind your desk, focus on your posture. Hold your head up high, pull your shoulders back (scapular stretch), and pull in your abdominal muscles. Your spine should be creating a long, straight line between your hips and the back of your head. Now hold that for 10 seconds, relax, and repeat.