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    Focus on Physical – 3 Ways to Increase Physical Activity Without Going to the Gym

Focus on Physical – 3 Ways to Increase Physical Activity Without Going to the Gym

Life is busy. There are things to do and places to go. Odds are, if you have a few pounds (or maybe more) that you’d like to lose, you’re not an avid gym goer. […]

A New Weight Loss Approach – Utilizing Biofeedback

Ever feel stressed? If you’re like most of us, stress is something that’s all too common in your life.  And for many, poor food choices and low levels of physical exertion abound when stress […]

Super Foods, Super Easy – Tomato, Avocado Sandwich

Summer is upon us and eating light is during the  hot months of the year makes us feel better. Salads are great, but sometimes they’re not as filling as we’d like.

Enter, the avocado.

You’re probably […]

A New Weight Loss Approach – Live Group Session

You’ve  most likely heard the phrase “there is strength in numbers”.  And here at Choosing Slim, we believe that’s true; but we also like to add “that where there is strength, there is positive […]

Lets Get Smoothie’d – Berries & Cream

We’re quickly heading into summer. Temperatures are heating up and that means our kitchens are too! Turn off your oven and move over microwave – smoothies are here and they’re packing a nutritious punch […]

A New Weight Loss Approach – SRC & Qi Gong

SRC Qi Gong frequencies are at the base of every Choosing Slim program.

Qi Gong is an Asian art form that uses meditation and relaxation to improve our physical health. “Qi” means breath of life […]

A New Weight Loss Approach – Positive Energy

Choosing Slim is not just another fad diet or exercise program. It’s the real deal – a program that focuses on changing your outlook and lifestyle so you can leave your extra inches and […]

Super Foods, Super Easy – Kale Chips

No one said that making healthy food choices is easy, but we do think that it can still be delicious. Every day we make choices about the food we put in our bodies. The […]

Welcome to Choosing Slim!

Welcome to Choosing Slim. We’re excited about our new site and blog design and can hardly wait to get connected with each of you.

Feel free to browse the site, subscribe to our newsletter, learn […]

It Takes A Village – The Choosing Slim Facebook Group

We’ve all heard the saying “it takes a village to raise a child”. And whether we’re raising children or aspiring to achieve some other monumental life task, we can all probably agree that it’s […]